Housing and Support Services

For most people, moving into a home is an exciting period. However, it can also be a cause of many fears and anxieties.  Alongside the independence comes an increasing level of responsibility – bills to pay, food to buy, furniture to provide and maintain.  Managing the home, maintaining the tenancy and building a social network all contribute to the success of a tenancy and prevent a person from entering/carrying on a cycle of homelessness.

A team of support workers provide intensive support to people who have additional support needs over and above their direct need for housing.  The primary focus of the support service is to enable people to come to terms with living independently, managing a tenancy and reducing the social isolation that many of our client group face.

Each person we help will be provided with their own support worker and the areas in which we provide support include:

  • managing tenancy and accommodation
  • self care and independent living skills 
  • managing money and personal administration
  • meaningful use of time
  • social networks and relationships
  • physical health
  • emotional and mental well being
  • drug and alcohol use
  • offending behaviour


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