Coronavirus Update

Our aim is to ensure we protect and keep safe our tenants, staff and members of the public from the spread of COVID-19.

We have taken the following measures to provide the best possible service during these difficult times whilst following government guidelines.

We will be carrying out emergency repairs only until further notice.

These can be reported via your tenancy support worker or directly to the Care and Repair team on 07725 792 652 or 07725 671 541.

To ensure we reduce the risk to you and our staff we will be checking for any risks of Coronavirus when you call.

Our repair staff will wear protective clothing and maintain social distancing and take all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.

For clarity the following repairs are classed as emergency repairs:
– Total loss of services (gas/electric/water).
– Unsafe power or lighting socket/fitting.
– Serious leaks in water systems which cannot be contained.
– Serious roof leaks which cannot be contained.
– Security of property.
– Blocked main drain.
– Blocked toilet/not flushing.
– Blocked flue to boiler.

Gas Servicing
These will continue as normal, if you are showing signs of the symptoms please let us know and we can rearrange once your fourteen day self-isolation period has ended and you are fit and well.

Supported Housing
Tenancy support workers will continue to maintain contact with you during this period via telephone/text and social media. In an emergency they may visit observing the government guidelines on social distancing. The Office in Middlesbrough (St Mary’s Centre) is closed for the foreseeable future.

Difficulties in Paying Rent
If you are concerned about being able to pay your rent due to your income being affected by the Coronavirus please contact your Housing Support Worker as soon as possible.

What you can do to keep safe:
Follow the government guidelines:
– Wash your hands with soap regularly for twenty seconds and after every occasion when you re-enter your property.
– Maintain social distancing.
– Only go out for basic necessities as infrequently as possible and for one form of exercise per day.
– Do not have friends or family visiting your house or go to friends or family.

For up to date information: