Anekai Read Centre, India

Community Campus continues to support the work of the Anekal Read Centre in Bangalore. The centre works with the most disadvantaged rural and tribal communities in Southern India to create sustainable livelihoods. Over the years we have helped fund the building of two classrooms for Jamboo Savari Dinne Junior School, sent a container of school furniture that was initially marked for disposal, donated and helped build a youth hall in a rural village in Tamil Nadu.

Anekal Rehabilitation Education and Development (READ) Centre was registered by a group of socially, diverse, committed and secular individuals. Our motto of “For the people, by the people and of the people” is on the foundation to rehabilitate, redevelop the post leprosy, people with disabilities and displaced people.

Over the years READ shifted its approach through holistic community development by involving grassroot level organisations. READ also involved development oriented individuals to take part in a participatory approach to strengthen local good governance, create sustainable livelihoods and empower marginalized people.

READ Centre has been jointly working with central and state level government agencies by conducting rural and urban community development activities. It has been working with 900 villages in all the states of South India.

​READ is presently working in 35 villages in Karnataka and 28 Tribal hamlets in Tamil Nadu covering a population of 37,500 people.

Tribal children learning English in Bangalore