Case Study – Noah

Noah from Darlington left school with GCSEs in September 2022. He didn’t get along in school and was happy to leave and start work in the construction industry. To this end, Noah started an apprenticeship in a 2-year wood manufacturing course. However, this course didn’t live up to his expectations, he wasn’t enjoying the course and found it boring. He left and started actively looking for employment, but with little success. Noah was now worried about employment and his future.

Whilst looking on the internet he discovered an advertisement for a training opportunity with CC87 in a career in which he was interested. Noah has only been with CC87 for almost six months and it has already had a practical impact on his trade skills. During this period, he states that “I do a bit of everything, joinery, painting and plastering”. Noah will use this experience to gain a level 2 qualification in property maintenance. Furthermore, this experience has made Noah “feel good and more confident”.

Noah’s improved self-confidence has had a major impact on his ambitions for his future, he wants to start his own business in another country such as Spain.

“It has made me more knowledgeable about my trade skills and it has made me generally less anxious and more confident”.

Noah, Care & Repair Apprentice,
Communtiy Campus 87