Case Study – Nathan

Nathan’s mother died when he was sixteen and he had to go and live with various family members. This ultimately proved unsuccessful and he resorted to staying at his girlfriends home and at friend’s. His emotional well being was suffering and he realised without a stable home he would not be able to move on in his life. He approached CC87 for housing and support and we were able to place him in a large shared property where we were able to assess Nathan’s support needs and plan for his longer time housing. After successfully working on his tenancy management skills he was moved to a sole tenancy to see if he could manage this extra responsibility. He was initially successful but after his relationship with his long-term partner broke down with her and her family and his major support network, Nathan’s mental health began to deteriorate and he stopped engaging with support. This had a negative effect on the way he conducted his tenancy. We agreed with Nathan that it would be best if he spent some time back in the larger shared property where he could receive more support, where he would not be isolated and where he could rebuild his self-confidence. This proved successful and he went back in his own self-contained accommodation. 

Nathan now has the skills and experience to enable him to manage his new home and has recently moved into his own accommodation, good luck Nathan.

“I’ve recently moved into my new flat and I couldn’t be more happy with it. I can’t thank everyone at Campus enough for homing me for the last five and a half years and for everything they have done to help me get to where I am now”

Nathan, Apprentice and Former Tenant, Community Campus 87