Music Taster Day at St Mary’s Centre in Middlesbrough

On the 21st February 2017 Community Campus 87 facilitated a Music Taster Day at St Mary’s Centre in Middlesbrough.

Parissa Zarifi from Musinc originally approached us with the idea with the goal of engaging homeless young people.  We at Community Campus saw this an excellent and unique opportunity for young people to try, engage in and hopefully discover something new with music and were more than happy to go forward with this exciting prospect.  This also presented a great opportunity for the young people to interact socially and have fun.

The event itself attracted a few young people who took part in musical activities involving instruments and technology, leading one of the young people involved to pursue this interest further with Breakthrough Music resulting in further excellent experiences.

This event although small has been an excellent influence on the community and especially the young person who pursued this interest further.  Although there wasn’t a huge turnout, this still provided an excellent opportunity for young people to explore a new potential interest and socialise.  As a result we now know that ‘drop-in’ events such as this are a great idea to keep in mind for the future.

For more details on this story, check out Parissa’s blog at Youth Music on the link below: