Social Enterprise Mark success

Community Campus has received re-accreditation to hold the Social Enterprise Mark for a further 12 months for 2016/2017.  The Social Enterprise Mark enables social enterprises to prove that they are making a difference to society, communities and the environment through an independent verification process.

The Social enterprise Mark is a nationally recognised award for the social enterprise sector.  All applicants must meet sector agreed qualifications and performance to be awarded the Social Enterprise Mark, social enterprises must be re-assessed each year to ensure that they continue to meet the criteria through an independent verification process, proving that mark holders are making a real difference to their communities and society.  The organisation has held the Mark since 2010 and has this year developed a social impact declaration which can be accessed here Social Impact Declaration.  Carl Ditchburn, CEO of Community Campus stated that `the award helped promote the work of the organisation across the social enterprise sector and helped the organisation focus on developing maximum social impact across the range of projects that we deliver’.  For more information on the Mark please go to