Tools for Self Reliance workshop

We visited the workshop run by local charity Allied Resource Community, the workshop is based in the Larchfield Community and ran by an old friend of ours, Jim Pearson.

The Allied Resource Community uses volunteers to refurbish old hand tools that are donated by local individuals and businesses – the tools are repaired, reused and recycled.  Tools are repackaged and sent in kits (carpentry, seamstress/mechanic) to six African countries where Tools for Self Reliance provide a local business support package.

All of our staff, who were at Larchfield for an awayday, were impressed with the work of and the impact upon the community of volunteers in the workshop.  The group has itself a funding challenge to cover the costs of putting together a toolkit and it’s transportation to Africa in memory of a work colleague who recently lost her life.

Please visit for more information on the Tools for Self Reliance.