Loss of a dear colleague and friend

The organisation was deeply saddened and moved by the sudden death of Cherie Smith on 17 May 2015.  Cherie had worked for our organisation for the past eight years and was an integral part of our work with homeless young people across Teesside.

Her funeral was held in her hometown of Devizes, Wiltshire where a collection was undertaken which raised substantial funds.  The monies raised have been donated by her family to form the basis of a larger donation to the READ Centre in Bangalore, india in her memory.  Cherie was part of a project visit to Jamboo Savari School and worked on a project in Huyilar in 2010.  The donation will cover sponsorship of two students at the Jamboo Savari School over the next 3 years.  Staff from the READ Centre and the people of the Dalit village in Huyilar said “We at READ Centre remember Cherie helping our village youth to raise a youth club building, shifting stones, keeping sand ready, fetching water from the tube well, spending time in enjoying South Indian meals on road side small eat outs.  A kind hearted, generous person. We remember she once said that “I will come again to spend more time with you”  The soul takes flight to a world that is invisible, and there arriving she is sure of bliss and forever dwells in paradise she is assured by her gentle presence and delightful smile, we know as Cherie was while she visited us in India”.

Cherie’s mum added “I am sure that the READ Centre will be overjoyed with this donation, Cherie would have been very proud”.

If anyone would like to donate to the work in India, please email michelle@cc87.co.uk to make arrangements.

For more information on the project please visit communitycampus87.com/Our-Projects/Partnerships/India-Project