Teesside University help us resolve IT issues

We were having some difficulties with our IT infrastructure caused by the multiple locations of our IT equipment placing a strain on our servers. Downloading our files was extremely slow and sharing information across departments was very difficult as our connections kept dropping off.  With a limited budget to resolve the problems, we turned to Teesside University for help.  We were aware that our current IT infrastructure was not performing efficiently and we approached some external IT providers who provided lots of different options, we were nervous about committing to one solution as we were limited to what we could do without spending a lot of money.

We felt we really needed a fresh pair of eyes on the infrastructure by someone who was able to provide an unbiased opinion on what was needed, the work the University did with us helped to make significant savings and has had huge benefits to us, the knowledge and skills they have imbedded in our current staff team are priceless.

Andrew Gibbon (Senior Server Technician) from Teesside University, worked with Community Campus to carry out an audit of it’s computer usage to diagnose what was causing the problems.  During his audit, he monitored connections between the sites and worked with one of our employees to develop their skils and confidence to enable them to deal with any computer issues we may have.

We are now considering other IT projects with the University including the implementation of a SharePoint solution and bespoke training.

If you would like to explore working with the University please contact Gillian Baker (Business Development Manager) on 01642 384287