Staff raise funds for good causes

Each year, our very generous staff send each other Christmas cards.  As there are now 50+ of us, we offered staff an alternative to sitting and writing out of all those cards – donate your money instead.

Staff were asked to choose 3 worthy causes and then made voluntary donations to which one they wished to help the most, the 3 causes chosen this year were:-

– The India Project International Work
– Our service users welfare fund – this provides much needed assistance to clients who are unable to afford to heat their homes or who are having issues with their income which prevents them from buying essentials such as food and toiletries
– Teesside Hospice

A total of £87.50 was raised and this was shared according to staff choices, we will repeat this next year and will hopefully raise more!

As an alternative to sending our corporate Christmas cards this year, we chose to make a donation to the NSPCC and send out cards via email.