Luke was referred to Community Campus with a history of substance misuse problems, we assisted him to secure a tenancy in the local area and then again when he decided to move away. He engaged really well with our Get Moving Project in Stockton and is currently maintaining his new accommodation and has also secured employment.  Luke has very kindly sent us this letter of appreciation of the help he was given:

“I just wanted to give some positive feedback about my experience with Community Campus and with Paddy and Nik.

When I look back at my quality of life when I first sought support from Community Campus a few years ago, compared to where I am now, I am utterly amazed and Community Campus has a big part to play in my successes in the past few years!

I remember being at a point in my life a few years ago where everything was just a mess and one thing that I needed to do was to get out of the hostel I was living in and start to live independently so I could more effectively address the other issues going on in my life.  Paddy was my worker and helped me immensely, as did Nik.  From assisting me with looking for suitable properties to going through money management plans, not only did I receive a multi-dimensional and specifically tailored support package but the people who were involved with initiating that process did so with absolute genuity and were very helpful and friendly in their approach.

Having the wrap around support in place after I had moved into my property was also a nice touch as it made me feel like I could still ask for help if I needed it.  What was also incredible was that approximately a year ago when I planned to move out of the area as a new job opportunity had come up, Paddy was so helpful telling me about housing benefit changes and really supporting me through an ever daunting process, truly going above and beyond!

All in all, my life has changed dramatically in the past few years and it is ALL for the positive and if Community Campus were not there to support me at such a crucial point in my life, I honestly do not know what I would have done!  I used to be addicted to harmful substances with quite poor quality of life and was deeply unhappy at my existence….now however, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life as my ultimate dream of moving into full time meaningful employment has very recently come true and I can now forget about my past and focus on moving forward with my new life and my career and it’s thanks to establishments like Community Campus that support people through these troublesome times and the professionals of these services like Paddy and Nik.

A truly massive thank you!”

We were very pleased to receive this letter from Luke and we all wish him well with his future achievements!