I am writing this letter to summarise my time and experience with Community Campus 87. Firstly, I would like to thank all of Community Campus staff from the bottom of my heart; for everything they have done for me.

Looking back on my whole Campus experience, I never thought it would change my life so much and have such a positive effect on me. In the beginning, I thought moving into a property would be so easy and plain sailing. I imagined it that once I had got my first house, I’d get my perfect job and everything would be set for life; I couldn’t have been more wrong. As a young homeless adult, you don’t realise the system isn’t set up to help the younger generation fail.
 The 14th February 2012 was the day my life would change forever. In my first year, I wouldn’t really engage with Campus because I thought it was me against the world. After a few months I realised how hard growing up was going to be. So, I just avoided everything I had to do with my property. At first, I was hesitant in engaging with Campus ’cause from my life experiences how many people help you without anything in return. Over time, I started to engage with Campus more and more, no matter how much hard work I could be, Campus always persevered and never gave up on me.
 Over the three years that I was with Campus they pushed me to do things I would never have done or even consider doing. The things Campus has done for me and taught me will be with me for the rest of my life. So, once again, I just want to thank everyone at from Community Campus for everything they have done.