“Hello my name is Craig and I am going to speak about my experience with Community Campus.

I was referred by Erimus Housing in October 2011, I then went to the young people’s panel where Community Campus and another organisation were present.  After hearing what support each organisation has to offer, I chose Community Campus as I thought they had support more suited to me.  I then had an assessment to see if I was acceptable for support.  I was accepted and applied for accommodation with 3 different housing providers.  Whilst I was waiting for housing I was sofa surfing at friends, I was working with Diane (Community Campus support worker), which involved money management, alcohol misuse, healthy eating and physical health.  I was then offered a flat with another housing provider, which I accepted.  I then had support setting up my gas, electricity and water as I have never done it before.  I was then able to change my life for the better with the support from Diane and the rest of the staff.  I have been able to be more responsible with money especially with bills.  I have become more independent by being able to look after myself to look after my well being, my confidence has grown dramatically.

When I started with Campus I only talked to Diane but now I speak to all the staff, to them I probably speak too much!  I also got involved with the Youth Project where I made some new friends and we went on a residential where we did woodland management which was really good for team building.

The reason I went to Community Campus was because of a family disagreement that forced me out of my mam’s and to my aunties for a year, Campus has been the best thing that has happened to me and I wish them all the best of luck for the future.”