Can we help you?

Can we help you?

In order to be considered for the floating support service you should:

  • be starting a new tenancy in any tenure or be struggling to maintain an existing tenancy and be at risk of losing your home.
  • be single and/or a lone parent.
  • be living in Middlesbrough.
  • be willing to engage and participate with the support service.

What should I do to apply?

If you wish to apply for housing or floating support, please click on Apply for Tenancy at the top of this page, please be specific about which service you are applying for.

What happens next?

Following receipt of your application, you will be invited to come and meet us and have a chat with our support workers where we will assess your housing and support needs.

If you have been referred by an outside agency, we will seek to obtain as much information as possible about you from this agency in order to help us to make a decision as to whether we can help you.

Once we are in receipt of all of the relevant information regarding your application, a decision will be made at our weekly meeting whether we can help you or not, you (and your referring agency) will be notified of this decision in writing as soon as possible.

There is no waiting list for the floating support service, if you are accepted you will be provided with a support worker and support work will commence immediately and will be delivered until you are managing your tenancy independently and are self reliant.